Charlie Curvada

Meet Charlie Curvada: Resist Magazine’s Co-Editor and Creative Director. Charlie got her start as a plus model back in 2004 when she won the cover model contest for the re-launch of now defunct, an online publication that set the standard for breaking molds and re-defining what the world viewed as “sexy”.

This experience would open many doors for Charlie’s modeling career, including the honor of being the cover model for the Premier Issue of BODacious Magazine, Miss June 2006 in the Plush Cat Club Calendar, a cameo role in National Lampoon’s ‘Adam & Eve’, as well as a spot as one of the top ten finalists on the Oxygen Network’s ‘Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance’ alongside names like Joanne Borgella and the Original Runway Diva, Ms. Sharon Quinn.

In 2007, Charlie went on hiatus to make time for a family. Giving birth to her son in 2008, she spent the next two years raising her child and determining what kind of a career path made the most sense when it came to the plus community. After having taken some time off from that side of the world, she had discovered that there was much more life out there that was waiting to be lived than the walls her size proclamation had bound her to.

It became very clear that the only way to make a comeback, was to go back to her roots, and draw her inspiration from the place that started it all. She would carry the torch that was Curvaceous Magazine, and put her own spin on it, making the everday reader the star, and focusing on what REAL beauty is, as opposed to what the media and society think it is.

In November of 2010, a partnership was formed with well-known and published photographer, Kev Bailey. The result of a Model Mayhem match for a project he was working on, the two got to talking about their hopes and visions for the plus community, and those standing on the outside of two separate worlds housed within a single term.

In May 2011, The Curvada Project was brought to life, but with no forum to call home. After being led on by one online publication, Kev had a revelation. The only way to win the war, is to join it, fight back, and bring something to the battlefield that no one else has.

Resist Magazine was born as a culmination of two products of the plus community who shared a desire to see the lines of size, race, sex and age blurred in the media by featuring models of all shapes, sizes and colors in super edgy, high fashion editorial photo features alongside articles with something to say about people who matter and make a difference every day.

Despite static and resistance, a divorce, and a full time job, social life and dating disasters, Resist Magazine continues to be Charlie’s driving passion in life, and a legacy that she hopes to leave behind for future generations to look upon as the first publication of its kind to truly get behind the “everybody is beautiful” campaign on a monthly  basis, and not just in special features.

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